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Platform fees and revenue

50% of the fees from the Open Dollar protocol go directly to the DAO controlled treasury. The other 50% are used to purchase ODG at auction, continually accruing value to the ODG token. Of the ODG purchased, 50% will be allocated to the treasury for use in grants, incentives, and community distributions, while 50% will be burned forever.

OD Protocol Fees

*assuming 2% APR and one year loan

Cap Table + Vesting Details

CategoryInitial PercentLockup
DAO Treasury33.5%None
Community Airdrop #13%None
Future Community Distributions7%DAO Controlled
OpenFi Foundation10%1 year lock + 36 months vesting
Core Team29.66%1 year cliff 20% + 24 months vesting
Initial Team Provided Liquidity0.33%None (Provided as Liquidity)
Future Team1.66%1 year lock + 24 months vesting
Core Advisors1.33%1 year lock + 24 months vesting
Investors13.5%1 year lock 20% + 12 months vesting