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Using Open Dollar

OD Locking Flow

The Open Dollar platform allows you to easily borrow the OD stablecoin against your LSTs or other supported Arbitrum-native assets and create leveraged positions at low rates while retaining 100% of the yields of your deposited collateral.

A unique feature of the Open Dollar platform is the implementation of Non-Fungible Vaults (NFVs), which enable the transfer, trade, or sale of an entire position without repaying the outstanding loan.

Getting started is as easy as connecting your wallet, depositing your collateral, and minting the desired amount of OD.

How you use your newly minted OD is up to you. You can use it for transactions, save it, or swap it on any supported platform for other tokens and leverage your newly unlocked capital according to your strategy.

To retrieve your deposited collateral, simply repay the outstanding loan in OD. You can also transfer or sell your NFV on any NFT marketplace if you do not wish to repay the outstanding loan.