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Proposals and Voting

Governance Dashboard

Governance Dashboard Screenshot

The Open Dollar DAO can be accessed on

On this dashboard ODG token holders can create proposals, vote on active proposals, become a delegate, and delegate their ODG to other DAO members to perform governance functions on their behalf.

The Open Dollar DAO on-chain voting and governance platform is designed in partnership with and powered by

For more information on how to use the Tally governance interface, see their docs.

For help, please visit our Discord.

Governance Forum

Governance Forum Screenshot

Discussions related to Open Dollar DAO governance can be found on:

This official forum is dedicated to discussions, proposals, debates, and exchange of ideas related to Open Dollar governance. It is recommended that all upcoming proposals be shared here in advance for open discussion, voter context, and constructive feedback that can help the DAO reach a consensus and achieve the desired outcomes.

Please read the pinned posts for the rules and proposal guidelines.

Governance Parameters

Voting Delay: 12 hours

From the time the proposal is live there is a 12hr delay before voting occurs. This is to give voters and delegates adequate time to prepare.

Voting Period: 3 days

After the voting delay, votes are counted for 3 days, giving ample time for all DAO members to participate. As soon as it’s over, the proposal can be passed.

Proposal Threshold: 10,000 votes

10,000 votes is the minimum required voting power to create a proposal. This is designed to be high enough to filter spam yet low enough to be accessible either independently or by delegation.

Quorum: 0.2%

0.2% of the total token supply at the time of the proposal is the minimum number of votes required for a proposal to be valid. ”No” votes do not count towards quorum.

The exact number of tokens for quorum and the proposal threshold can also be found on the delegates page.

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