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Protocol Token

1. Summary

The protocol token is a DsDelegateToken that provides logic for burning and authorized minting of new tokens as well as delegation capabilities.

2. Contract Variables & Functions


  • guy - user address
  • wad - a quantity of tokens, usually as a fixed point integer with 10^18 decimal places.
  • dst - refers to the destination address.
  • name - returns the name of the token - e.g. "MyToken".
  • symbol - token symbol.
  • decimals - returns the number of decimals the token uses.
  • totalSupply - returns the total token supply.
  • balanceOf(usr: address) - user balance
  • delegates(usr: address) - a record of each account's delegate
  • checkpoints(usr: address, checkpoint: uint32) - a record of vote checkpoints for each account, by index
  • numCheckpoints(usr: address) - the number of checkpoints for each account
  • nonces(usr: address) - a record of states for signing / validating signatures
  • allowance(src: address, dst: address) - approvals
  • balanceOf(usr: address) - returns the account balance of another account with address _owner.
  • allowance(src: address, dst: address)- returns the amount which _spender is still allowed to withdraw from _owner.
  • DOMAIN_TYPEHASH - the EIP-712 typehash for the contract's domain
  • DELEGATION_TYPEHASH - the EIP-712 typehash for the delegation struct used by the contract


  • mint(usr: address, amount: uint256) - mint coins to an address
  • burn(usr: address, amount: uint256) - burn at an address
  • push(usr: address, amount: uint256) - transfer
  • pull(usr: address, amount: uint256)- transfer from
  • move(src: address, dst: address, amount: uint256) - transfer from
  • approve(usr: address, amount: uint256) - allow pulls and moves
  • transfer(dst: address, amount: uint256) - transfers coins from msg.sender to dst
  • delegate(delegatee: address) - delegate votes from msg.sender to delegatee
  • delegateBySig(delegatee: address, nonce: uint256, expiry: uint256, v: uint8, r: bytes32, s: bytes32) - delegates votes from signatory to delegatee
  • getCurrentVotes(account: address) external view returns (uint256) - gets the current votes balance for account
  • getPriorVotes(account: address, blockNumber: uint256) public view returns (uint256) - determine the prior number of votes for an account as of a block number

Data Structures

  • Checkpoint - stores a checkpoint's data. Contains:
    • fromBlock - the block from which that amount of votes has been marked
    • votes - the amount of votes


  • Mint - emitted when new tokens are minted. Contains:
    • guy - the address for which the contract prints tokens
    • wad - the amount of tokens printed
  • Burn - emitted when tokens are burned. Contains:
    • guy - the address whose tokens are burned
    • wad - the amount of tokens that were burned
  • DelegateChanged - emitted when an address changes its delegate. Contains:
    • delegator - the address that changes its delegate
    • fromDelegate - the old delegate
    • toDelegate - the new delegate
  • DelegateVotesChanged - emitted when a delegate account's vote balance changes. Contains:
    • delegate - the delegate account
    • previousBalance - the delegate's previous vote balance
    • newBalance - the delegate's new vote balance

3. Walkthrough

Along with the standard ERC20 token interface, the protocol token also has DSAuth-protected mint and burn functions.