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FSM Governance Interface

1. Summary

This governance interface allows token holders to stop() FSM-like contracts in case of an oracle attack.

2. Contract Variables & Functions


  • owner - the address of the contract's owner. Meant to set FSM addresses
  • onlyOwner - modifier that checks whether the owner calls a function
  • authority - contract authority, able only to stop an FSM
  • fsms[collateralType: bytes32] - mapping of OSM-like contracts


  • isAuthorized - modifier that checks whether msg.sender can call a specific function
  • onlyOwner - modifiers that ensures only the owner can call a specific function


  • canCall - checks whether an address can call a function
  • setFsm(bytes32: collateralType, address: fsm) - set the address of an FSM for a specific collateral type
  • setOwner(address: owner] - change the contract's owner
  • setAuthority(address: authority) - change the contract's authority
  • stop(bytes32: collateralType) - stop a collateral type's FSM

3. Walkthrough

The owner and the authority can be changed using setOwner and setAuthority. The owner can setFsms for each collateral type and any authed address (be it the owner, authority or another address that was whitelisted in the authority contract) can stop any FSM.