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Smart contract code: Vault721****

1. Summary

Vault721 is an ERC721 that mints NFT-Vaults and serves as an ODProxy factory and registry. Once the user builds their proxy, they can interact with the protocol. When a user opens a safe, a NFT-Vault is minted to their account, which controls the ownership and transferability of the safe, where the tokenId is equal to the safeId. Transferrence of an NFT-Vault equates to the transferrence of the corresponding safe.

Note: NFT-Vault is owned directly by user account, whereas the safe is owned by the user's proxy.

2. Contract Variables & Functions


  • safeManager - address of SafeManager that recieves calls from the ODProxy
  • governor - address of DAO governance

Data Structures

  • _proxyRegistry - mapping of proxy addresses to their owners
  • _userRegistry - mapping of user addresses to their proxies


  • initialize() - sets safeManager on deployment
  • getProxy(user: address) - returns proxy of a user
  • build() - create a new ODProxy for caller
  • build(user: address) - create a new ODProxy for user
  • mint(proxy: address, safeId: uint) - called by the SafeManager on openSAFE, mints NFT to user wallet that gate-keeps safe
  • updateImplementation(safeManager: address) - authed to governor, updates safeManager

Overrided / Inherited Functions: ERC721

  • safeTransferFrom(from: address, to: address, tokenId: uint) - transfer token, enforce onERC721Received
    • _afterTokenTransfer - enforces SafeManager.transferSAFEOwnership
  • transferFrom(from: address, to: address, tokenId: uint) - transfer token
    • _afterTokenTransfer - enforces SafeManager.transferSAFEOwnership


  • CreateProxy - emitted on _build
    • user - address of user
    • proxy - address of proxy owned by user
  • Transfer - emitted on _transfer
    • from - address of sender
    • to - address of reciever
    • tokenId - uint of NFT id
  • Approval - emitted on _approve
    • owner - address of sender
    • approved - address of approved account
    • tokenId - uint of approved NFT id
  • ApprovalForAll - emitted on _setApprovalForAll
    • owner - address of owner
    • operator - address of operator
    • approved - bool of operator approval