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Borrowing OD

The first time you connect your wallet to the Open Dollar app you’ll be prompted to create a Vault Facilitator. Signing this transaction will allow you to create new vaults.

Click “Create a Vault” and select your collateral type and amount to deposit.

Creating a Vault

Once you’ve created a vault, the amount of OD you can borrow depends on the Minimum Collateral Ratio (MCR) of your deposited assets.

Initial vaults for wstETH and rETH will be available with MCR requirements of 125%. This ensures that the minted OD is sufficiently backed by collateral, maintaining the protocol's stability and security.

Input the desired amount of OD to borrow and click “approve” to approve your deposit. Then, click “Review Transaction” to confirm and complete.

Borrowing fees

Borrowing fees vary by collateral type with a maximum fee of 2% APR for LSTs. See Supported Collaterals to learn more.

Loan duration

Loans issued by the protocol do not have a repayment schedule; debt can be repaid or sold on NFT marketplaces at any time.